Welcome to the Guitars in Classroom web page. This series of instructional material is designed for mature and adult students. It contains many unique features that will assist you in the learning process.

Carefully review each page and work on the selected material until you feel comfortable enough to continue forward. This is not a race, take your time. You are forming your musical foundation that should be solid. As you progress you will find that you are forming a relationship with your guitar. Within a short period of time it will become your most prized possession.

Materials within the Guitars in Classroom series is copyright protected. It can not be sold or distributed for profit in any medium. You are free to print any of the material presented within Guitars in Classroom for your own use.

This study series is dedicated to my Granddaughter, Felicity Ann Terhune Walston. Who, at the tender age of four - loves her "PaPa" and his many guitars.

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