A Guitars in Classroom Presentation
Audio Sample D Major Audio Sample A7

Our First Chords

Two guitar chords are illustrated in this diagram. They are the D Major chord and the A7th chord. We can just call them: D and A7. The "D" implies that it is major and the "7" implies that it is a 7th chord. Place your left-hand fingers as indicated in the "D" diagram. Now, slowly bring your right hand (with or without a guitar pick) over the guitar strings. Do not play the 6th string. Start at the 5th string and continue through the 1st string.

Now, try it again. Smoothly bring your right hand across the 5th-1st strings. Congratulations, you have just played your first guitar chord.

Now let's try the A7 chord. This chord uses all six strings. Notice that strings 6, 5, 3, and 1 are played open. Place your fingers as indicated in the chord diagram. Smoothly bring your right hand over all six strings. You may have to adjust your fingers to get a clear sound. Work with these to chords until you can achieve a smooth and clear sound. Good luck.

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